DS261 Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer 
 Technical Specificaions:
Assay Model: Random access with direct reading system
Assay Item: 40 assay
Throughput: 1Reagent:240 test/h(max); 2 Reagent: 150 test/h; With ISE: +120 test/h    
Sample Position: 60
Sample Volume: 1-100ul,0.1ul/step
Reagent Position:40 or 80(optional)
Reagent Volume: R1:1-400ul,1ul/step,R2: 1-400ul,1ul/step
Wavetength: 340-810nm
Light Source: Halogen lamp
Method: End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Immunoturbidimetry, 1-2 reagen,Multistandard, reagent/serum blank, etc
Quality Control: Levy Jennings quality control program at 3 levels.
Printer: Multiple report formats available                                          


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